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Residential Construction

Typical Large Residential Structure Yerkes Code Officials inspect for
International Residential Code Conformance

Code Assistance


Traditionally called Code Enforcement, we prefer a title consistent with our service; “to assist in code-related matters”.

As a primary service to a growing number of Municipal clients, Yerkes Associates performs a broad variety of inspections and plan reviews to assure compliance with the International Code Council (ICC) and our Municipal client’s Codes. All of our Code Officials and Plan Examiners hold the required State certifications in the construction discipline for which they are responsible. These include:

  • Building
  • Electrical
  • Energy
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical

These certifications are for both commercial and residential construction projects. Our inspectors also conduct inspections to assure compliance with:

  • ADA Accessibility standards
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Alarm requirements

UCC & Zoning

Yerkes Associates is a third party agency, certified in Pennsylvania by the Department of Labor and Industry (L&I), to enforce the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act 45 of 1999 (UCC). Our inspectors jointly carry the individual certifications required for enforcement of commercial, as well as, residential codes.

  • Permit Requirements – Wood Decks
  • Permit Requirements – Inspection Checklist
  • Minimum Inspections – Residential
  • Minimum Inspections – Commercial

Yerkes Associates enforces Zoning Codes for our clients in a manner consistent with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code. One of our professionals recently completed classes and achieved the status of Master Planners in Chester County of which zoning was a major component of the coursework.

Our zoning officers review every application, complaint and enforcement in detail, providing a carefully considered opinion that “enforces the literal intent” of the code.

Property Maintenance

Yerkes Associates is qualified to enforce a Property Maintenance Code for any of our clients that choose to adopt one. We work with the client to ensure that they carefully format an adoption ordinance that enforces the issues they wish to address but not create an enforcement nightmare.

As a model code not adopted by the PA UCC, the Property Maintenance Code may be adopted in whole or, as we recommend, carefully edited to achieve the desire result. The objective is to provide our municipal clients with a means to address specific issues of local importance without making the enforcement a financial burden to the taxpayers.

More Services

Yerkes Associates, Inc. is prepared and qualified to provide other services as needed by a municipality, among which are: 

  • Expert Witness
  • Code Consulting
  • HARB / Historic Commissions

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